[aka ‘one epic hell of a year ‘]


I am afraid to use such big words as ‘best year of my life’, but I am completely sure that this was craziest and the most insane one (: All the emotions, people and adventures, even a glimpse of those memories make me wanna cry my heart out, because I know that year like this was only one in my lifetime and I am willing to share you my best discovery – people are great!


I’ve been doubtful for many things in my life. I’ve never really trusted kindness, helpfulness or just happy smiles. In latvian there is this song that says ‘why are you smiling today? Are you acting or waiting for someone?’. And that is how I overall saw nice people – confident that they are trying to get what they want by acting the way I could want them to.

But you know what? People are great! That is insane how many of them [oh well.. – of us] are ready to say kind words because they really see that, they really mean that, they want to make you feel better and they just want to see your smile. and you know what? That is insane how wonderful is smiling person! After all the countries, all the impressions, all the people, I can only say that smile is the best thing ever! and people do kind things, because they care! They are ready to help, ready to give an advice, place to stay, entertain you or just talk about life matters. why? Because they know – it is wonderful to spread the happiness! That is my most favorite conclusion of all <3

And that is one thing that I want to wish for every single person who was with me this year and all the rest of you – smile, be happy and make people around you happy and smiley as well! That will make the world spin faster (: Now I really know – peace and happiness are the things to strive for!

I have the very best friends and I met all the greatest people – thank you thank you thank you! Keep being so awesome! <3

Capture - Copy





(Or you can call it celebration of my blogs 3rd birthday)

Once I had this wonderful tradition to post some quotes or highlights from my trips. I did it with our roadtrip to Slovakia, when I went to Denmark for the second time and the first one is captured somewhere as well.. and few more times that I’m too lazy to look for… anyhow – back on track. There have been some trips meanwhile I was quiet, but this is the one that i need to engrave here for sure (thanks for being worth it!). So Germany – Munich it was!


  • First of all, you can’t come to Germany if you don’t know that women and beer you push downstairs
  • We got stuck in traffic even on highroad. Those are some skills over here!
  • You can’t meet on the internet in Germany, because internet is so slow.
  • Ieva goes into huge pizzeria to find toilet. Comment – ‘if you find yourself in train station, you know, you missed the toilet’.
  • In Turkish streets even sprite is Turkish
  • If mountain will be crushing or air tram falling down, you won’t find time to be scared, so no worries!
  • 8 p.m.? Bars? Streets full of happy people walking home from work? Oh, wait, no, you already missed bedtime…
  • *cooking some pies* ‘How it should look like when it’s ready?’ – ‘Warm’
  • And then he wakes up at 5 a.m., asks what am i doing, puts up ‘are you gonna be my girl’ and walks around the room with satisfied smile on his face ‘oh, such a wonderful morning!’ (Is it? Really?)
  • Went abroad to find out that my paradise looks like big bookshelves and huge, puffy bed. No, actually Munich itself wasn’t so bad either : )

Round, round, round it goes… so see you next time, Germany! (If you’re up for bringing me to Berlin, I’m just here!)


life through eyes of tinder

yes, i was that naive person who started to use tinder with this big willingness just to meet new random people all around me without making big effort

now i know that life works differently. and from some point i started to use this application just for checking out people who are living around me. funny, but from this kind of ‘narrow minded’ profile that everyone needs to put out there, you can conclude a loooooooooot about each individual as well as some part of society in general

so here are few of my conclusions that i’ve made while using this app. don’t take anything personally if you’re in my friend list because of fact that i met you on tinder… maybe i just should rewrite this blogs comment by its title and mention that you shouldn’t take personally anything that is written down there…

anyhow, that was not the topic. people on tinder! or this more seems like my never-ending questions about this app…

  • danes loooooooove to highlight the fact that they are tall. it is funny, but actually i believe that almost everyone who is tall, has written it in his tinder tumblr_mlrclaKVWK1so58mbo1_400profile… ’2 meter athlete’, ‘1.98 of greatness’… like really… what are you trying to hide with this?! or is this some ‘must do’ around here? what am i missing?
  • although in my search there are girls as well as guys, girls tend to be in a looooot smaller amount than guys. why? are there really more guys using this app? or tinder just chooses in my place? nothing makes sense anyways…
  • region tendency – selfies. so many selfies!!!!! and not the kind-of-normal-selfie ones, but the ones where half naked guys photograph themselves in mirrors while looking in their phone screens with eyes in insane passion… once again i’m talking about danish tinder users. that’s why i’ll call this regional shout out, haha
  • if you’re using this app while traveling – notice that it does not change your placement right away. that was the moment when i was surprised by how many italians are living in denmark…
  • people have so many identities! i bet that someone might think the same about me, but like really… in one picture you are chubby soldier, in next one fitness model, in third one father of three children. how the hell… or wait! is it willingness to fit any type of person who sees this?! but still…

after all i can be happy about this consolatory coincidence that i have noticed –  i have more common interests with people who does not have half naked selfies or comments about their height in profile… this could be the moment when i’m thankful for my interests, haha

and now i just feel willingness to share with you something that has nothing to do with anything

stay safe, guys!

p.s. i still have idea to make Q&A video one day, so feel free to express yourself >



Happy goes lucky – story how I spited my silly karma and got lucky. Special thanks to Karīna, Lilla, Elif, Michele and Matteo in making this story possible (otherway I could be sleeping in tents by Termini right now…)

It was two weeks ago when I decided that I can’t stay in one place. Not so sure who I can consider as guilty one in this part, but it just was like that… two days later – on my way. And that’s where the story of my luck begins.

image (28) - CopyAt first I spent 3 wonderful nights at Karīnas, Lillas, Elifs and other girl place in Naples center. Despite the fact that their apartment is in 7th floor and my bag is pretty heavier than me (i like to think like that, haha), it really was a lot of fun and definitely there i spent my best time in Naples ever! All the nights out and nice stories in the morning… – I missed it a lot! Despite the fact that I still have blue stomach and leg because of running into a sign… (at least my forehead survived). Although still the worst problem is trying to remember, how the ‘sign’ is called…

While I was there I enjoyed one more thing pretty badly – their beautiful roof terrace. Keep this is mind, because there will be continue of this part of the story…

Later my silly karma (I don’t want to say that it’s bad, it’s just really silly. My karma is like little silly monkey – always somewhere here. Sometimes make me laugh, other times – gets me pretty pissed off…) So, my silly karma wanted to show me the best of Rome and made train strike. In my italian phrase book (that I bought only few days ago, although i’m in Italy almost two months) one of the ‘must know’ phrases is ‘I’ll be late, because there is a train strike’. Well, good to know how to say it! There were a lot of adventures while this happened, but even then i got lucky – met some new friend from America. Since we had some [a lot] time to wait for the next train, i heard some great stories and after all felt happy and lucky again.

image (13) - CopyWhen I arrived in Rome it was raining and I got lost (oh, what a surprise!), but after all I met my first welcoming host – Michele! since then I can’t stop thinking – how life always lets us meet the right people. I had this luck to meet him, share some amazing stories, experience life in roman loft (that was gorgeous), taste some spiiiiiiiiicy food that my mouth will definitely never forget (since I’m still spitting some flames) and after all – gain some good friendship with amazing human being! :)

Long story short – I went to Rome to look for a job and in case of getting lucky while living at micheles – look for a place to stay for longer time.

But life changes everything and not the job, but the place where to live next came first and I got opportunity to rent a gorgeous room in one of my favourite roman districts where are a lot of amazing bars, artistic atmosphere that’s crowded with students and just nice people around. What’s best – I have gorgeous roof terrace right by my place! Here we can back up a little – while I was in my last surfing place in Naples I continued to say ‘you are so lucky with such a great roof terrace and such wonderful roof view!’. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I have view to the roofs and hills as an extra…

And just one more problem in my way to living like in a bath of warm milk (no idea why it sounds so wrong in english)… – two days without a place to live. That was the next great ‘always meet the right people in the right time’ when I talked with matteo and got chance to live with him till I get my room. Heard some experience about italian theatres and remembered my lifelong theatre directing dreams :)

image (27) - Copy

So after all I can say that by all those adventures without any direct path that I should be going I have gained amazing experience and after all – I have renewed my trust in great people! Everyone is open for some help, even the smallest one, a lot of smiling faces, a lot of good words for me after hearing my story. And it all helps so badly! I am really truly happy that I have met each one of those amazing persons and I wish everyone such great luck that I got myself!

There are people who say that you always need at least some backup plan, some backup finance, anything… I have great friends and I keep gaining new ones in the most incredible ways and that is what brought me here where I am today. And I keep considering them as my best backup plan.

And one other interesting thing – although I may not know how I will pay the rent, how long I will be here, who I will meet next or anything and actually I have much more things to worry about – I have never felt so careless and happy as I do now!

Ciao, ragazzi!

legend… – wait for it –

bet visa iesākumā šis

jau kopš dienas, kad sākās sarakste ar nosaukumu, kuru es atkal neatceros, es solu, ka pienāks diena, kad tiks izdota grāmata. tomēr grāmatai tajā visā pārāk daudz cenzūras cienīgu materiālu… tomēr laiks joprojām iet un es joprojām saku, ka izdošu grāmatu. jau sen vien velns zina, par ko tā īsti būs. un jo dziļākā peklē ir noslēpts noslēpums – kad. bet tieši tāpēc ar kaut ko beidzot ir jāsāk. un, lai piedod man jaunkundze, kuras vārdu es varu arī mainīt, bet visi tāpat zinās, kas ir šo sarunu līdzdalībniece… varbūt grāmatas vietā izstādi uztaisīt?

1 2 4 5 image IMG_0606 IMG_1014 IMG_1185 IMG_1195 IMG_1198 khm




stāsts par to, kāpēc ieva čemodānus krāmēja

cilvēki saka: pirms lēciena padomā divreiz. es saku: lec un tad domā, cik gribi. /Ošo/

un tā nu ir sanācis, ka pēdējās četras un nākamās sešas dienas pavadu Dānijā ciemos pie Alisēna, savukārt vēlāk mani ceļi ved uz patālu dienvidu punktu Eiropā

principā ir tā, ka šis viss sākās ar stāstu iz iepriekšējā bloga ieraksta – ‘are you all so happy because you have Valmiermuiža?’

laiku ārpasaulē es gribēju pavadīt jau sen. jau 11tajā klasē (?) sāku domāt par brīvprātīgo darbu, par studijām ārzemēs (kas gan nekad nav bijis īsti vilinošs variants). tad, nedaudz patinot stāstu uz priekšu, 12tās klases beigās jau visnotaļ skaidri zināju, ka braukšu prom, tomēr tā nu sanāca, ka nekur neaizbraucu (well, manu uzmanību novērst ir viegli…), bet jāatzīst, ka arī piedāvājumi nebija līdz galam vilinoši. sāku mācīties un kurš gan visu pamet tad, kad tas tikko iesākts? es. tieši tā. nesagaidījusi nevienu no ‘normālajiem sākumiem’ (par ko es saucu jaunu lietu uzsākšanu septembrī vai janvārī… nu, vai vismaz jaunā mēnesī), sapratu, ka ir jābrauc tagad. šī apjausma man radās tieši naktsmaiņas laikā pēc sarunas ar iepriekšminēto personu, kurš teica – kāpēc nebraukt, ja var braukt?!

kopš 29.janvāra pagāja tieši 5 dienas, līdz liktenis man piespēlēja skype sarunu, kuras nobeigums izskanēja kā ‘padod ziņu, kad esi iegādājusies biļetes’. vēl pavisam nedaudz un manā e-pastā ieripoja brauciens uz Dāniju kā pāris dienu ‘pitstops’ un arī tālāks ceļš uz Itāliju

IMG_0191 - Copy

vēl laikam tāda īsta apjausma nav piemeklējusi, ka dodos uz nezināmu vietu, viss tiek uztverts pārāk mierīgi. iespējams, tāpēc, ka nu jau arī Dānijā esmu pasākusi justies kā mājās, par spīti nepārtrauktai zāles smaržai degungalā un lazanjas piebāztam vēderam, kas pārāk bieži neļauj veikt cilvēcīgas kustības un kļūt par bezrūpīgu tūristu Roskildes ielās

bet tas nav būtiskākais. visiem maniem piedzīvojumiem noteikti varēs sekot līdzi te, šajā pašā lapā un arī vlogu es sasolīju taisīt… nu tad redzēs, kā ar to būs. līdz ‘lielajam tripam’ (un te es nerunāju par Dānijas cepumiņiem…) vēl jāizdzīvo Silo džungļos, jāsagaida arī Diāna šajā pasaules malā un visbeidzot – vēlreiz jāsakrāmē čemodāni… bet visam savs laiks! 

par to, kā man ies vēlāk, kaut kā jau ziņošu

kā zivi pret zvīņām glaudīt jeb stāsts par to, kā latvju bāleliņi uz Dāniju brauca

*„what’s in there?” – „šnābs with vodka” – „what’s the difference?” – „one is šnābs, one – vodka”
*„i’m like radio because i’m still talking when no one is listening”
*„swedish krones change?”
*„Dānijā vilcieni ir tik neglīti kā tu”
*„nu, tās cūkas, kuras degustē… nē, eksperimentē” – „tu domā kāmīšus?”
*„tev viss kārtībā?” – „jā…” – „tad kāpēc tu tā izskaties?”
*„baigā onkulīte iekāpa”
*„arī tava seja ir netīrāka par poda vāku”
* *atveras alus* „galvenais ātri paņem mutē!”
*„ko jūs šodien darījāt?” – „gandrīz aizbraucām līdz mazajai nāriņai”
*„mums čipsi ir?” – „jā, kaut kur zem galda. paņem slotu un saslauki”
*„reku tehniskā skola” – „pēc ķiverēm spried?” – „nē, pēc tā, ka tur rakstīts, ka tā ir tehniskā skola”
*„tev tur, aiz krūštura, vēl kaut kas ir iekritis?” – „jā, šķēle” – „Andris?”
*„visi esam mākslinieki, tāpēc mums tā ir bohēma, nevis nodzeršanās”
*„viņiem ir maskas!” – „nē, viņi vienkārši ir melni”
* *Alise runā pa telefonu* “pasveicini viņu no manis…” – “tev sveicieni no visiem!”
* *Santa runā pa telefonu* “pasveicini viņu no manis…” – “tev sveicieni no visiem!”
*„beer is the answer, but i can’t remember the question”
*on horse un off horse
*„paldies tev, vējamāt!”
*„tāda riepa uzēsta, ka nevaru vairs paelpot”
*”viņam mugurā ir pieci džemperi” – “nē, divi krekli un trīs džemperi”
* *piebrauc divas ugunsdzēsēju mašīnas, Alise paskatās pa logu* „nekas, pie trešās sāksim uztraukties”
*„es gribu būt mednieks” – „ko tu medīsi?” – „medījumus”
*„kā zivi pret zvīņām glaudīt”
*„idritvai šaizīt”
*„tas bija zviedru joks…” – „tu gribi teikt, ka viņiem nav humora izjūtas?”
*„ātri tā lidmašīna izlidoja. tik ātri, ka pat aizmirsa koferus paņemt”

Placebo bija laba zālīte truša dvēselei. dāņu šnābs gan nebija. been there, done that! 


kā būtu ar nē? jeb īsumā par to kā Opelis uz Slovākiju brauca

* ‘visi skatās tā, it kā mēs ar vecu Opeli brauktu uz Slovākiju’
* ja kaut kas nav, tad tas palika uz mašīnas jumta (atkal)
* pa kreisi mēs redzam govis, pa labi – kapus, priekšā – traktoru /Polija/
* ‘tu redzēji to reakciju? tā bija ātrāka par erekciju’
* ‘čurāju un man kabatā navigācija saka ‘now turn right’’
* Polijā jārunā angliski, krieviski un vāciski, lai beigās ar zīmju valodu dabūtu telts vietas
* ‘es tev uzpīšu bizīti, iedod skoču’
* pirmie vārdi iebraucot Slovākijā: ’bļ*, mūs te novāks!’
* meklējām, kur uzcept desiņas, tā vietā nejauši uzkāpām Tatros (@aismaaa precizējums – kāpām cept desas. aizmirsām desas mašīnā, tā vietā paņēmām pīpi, giču, stabuli un aliņus un uzkāpām pie Guru)
* kā angliski ir triperis? – tripping, jo no pārāk lielas tripošanas var dabūt triperi
* mašīnas bagāžnieka rooming – ‘when she’s not watching i can po*uj’
* ir vienmēr jauki cerēt, ka bremzes pašas salabosies. jo īpaši, ja atrodies kalnos un starp bāņiem…
* jo lielāka iespēja ir satikt exchange punktā čali, kurš pazīst latvieti, nekā uz ielas kādu, kurš runā angliski /Slovākija/
* kā būtu ar nē?
* jo Polijā viss atrodas 50 km attālumā. un tad vēl 50. un vēl. un vēl…
* Tatros parādījām perfektu tūristu piemēru – kāpām kalnos ar aliņiem rokās, ūdenspīpi, ģitāru un stabuli, tik mežrags palika mašīnā
* uz kuru pusi pēc tam vajadzēs griezt? pa labi? pa kreisi? – uz vienu…
* jo omes ielām pāri iet var tikai ar bonbongām /Polija/
* we’re from Poland and we love you /kempinga kaimiņi /Slovākijā/
* ‘you’re from…’ – ‘Opel’
* peldēties ezerā Tatru augšā – neslikti
* bieži negadās benzīntanka tualetē atmazgāt kečupu no toksiskas paprikas desas…
* un vēlreiz, ja nu kāds nesaprata – nepērciet paprikas desu
* po*uj, pīkšķis
* ‘līdz Rīgai varam citādāk arī netikt’ – ‘nu neko, visu jau nevar gribēt’
* ‘te var nolikt mašīnu un tad iet na*uj’
* īsumā par opeli tatros – 1. ‘brīnums, ka mēs riteņbraucēju apdzinām’ 2. ‘mūs apdzen pat mūķenes, kas iet ar kājām’

2460 km – DONE!


gaidi mani ielas saulainajā pusē

jums ir tādi cilvēki, par kuriem jūs dažreiz, kad ejat pa ielu, iedomājaties – kā būtu, ja tagad satiktu… ? nemelojiet, ir.

šodien sapratu, ka man tādu patiesībā ir bezgala daudz, jo, kā izrādās, labi atceros cilvēkus. varbūt es nezinu, kad, kur un kāpēc esmu konkrēto personu satikusi (cenzējamu iemeslu dēļ), tomēr, ja atmiņā uzpeld vai tiek ieraudzīta iepriekš redzēta seja, tad zinu, ka tas nav iedomu tēls, bet dzīvē satikta persona (nu diezgan loģiski, ka tā, ņemot vērā manu redzes atmiņu…)

lai nu kā. šodien aizdomājos par to – interesanti, cik daudzi no tiem cilvēkiem, kas man (jums, mums un tamlīdzīgi) ienāk prātā, reāli arī mani (jūs, mūs un tamlīdzīgi) vispār atcerētos. šeit gan stāsts iedalās divās daļās – tajos cilvēkos, kuri atceras, bet, iespējams (visticamāk) norakuši šo pazīšanos dziļos apziņas nostūros (piemēram, sen izbijuši klasesbiedri, ilgāka laika kolēģi darbos, hobijos utml), un tajos, kuri varbūt nemaz nav īsti vārdu iegaumējuši (piemērus neminēsim, ļaujiet vaļu fantāzijai)

man vienmēr ir pārliecība – neviens mani neatceras. varbūt tāpēc es tik ļoti pārdroši un bezkaunīgi dažreiz dzīvoju. tomēr greizi skatieni dažreiz liecina par pretējo… piemēram, manā skolā pāris klases zemāk mācās kāda meitene, ar kuru esmu agrāk kopā dziedājusi. kādus mēnešus pāris. viņas vārdu gan laikam nekad neesmu zinājusi, jo nebijām nekādas bff un toreiz nebija stilīgi draudzēties ar jaunākiem cilvēkiem. atpazinu viņu diezgan ātri un kopš sākta gala arī viņa uz mani ar tādu savādu skatienu skatās. joprojām nesaprotu – atceras vai vienkārši nepatīku. ej nu sazin

lai kā tur arī būtu vai nebūtu, es ļoti labprāt kādreiz vēlētos satikt visus, visus, visuuuuuuus  un pajautāt – atceries? vismaz savu ziņkārību apmierinātu… :) nav jau tā, ka uztrauc. interesē gan.