the passion is dead, punks are not

basically – this is the post where i’m really pissed off.

when did we stop doing things for ourselves? being just as we are and caring just for the happiness?

oh, i miss those times so very, very badly! and i don’t blame age. i blame century.

i always wonder – how anyones instagram, twitter or facebook would look like if there would be no one to impress? recently i read one great quote – all our information on timelines for others appear just for few seconds, sometimes not even a blink of an eye. still – we’re struggling so hard to show the best of us, leave the greatest impression and get best reviews. can’t really decide – which is sadder – the fact that we’re trying to impress unknown people or the fact that we feel urge to impress our friends? 

lets just bring one pure smile for no one else, but ourselves

for those bicycle rides around the yard with just two random friends when no one on facebook could liked your fail in the race (sad for the winner, tho), for analog photos that only you and your best friends saw, for videos that were watched by gathering family around, cakes that were baked for eating (not teasing others on instagram). for those nights when talks mattered and stars weren’t outshined by screens. oh, i miss those times ..

right about now i’m feeling like all those good times are just blurry stories, blast from the past that are now going to be told to our grandchildren as mythical stories about some people and some times in never, ever land… at least somehow we all will be legends!




[aka ‘one epic hell of a year ‘]


I am afraid to use such big words as ‘best year of my life’, but I am completely sure that this was craziest and the most insane one (: All the emotions, people and adventures, even a glimpse of those memories make me wanna cry my heart out, because I know that year like this was only one in my lifetime and I am willing to share you my best discovery – people are great!


I’ve been doubtful for many things in my life. I’ve never really trusted kindness, helpfulness or just happy smiles. In latvian there is this song that says ‘why are you smiling today? Are you acting or waiting for someone?’. And that is how I overall saw nice people – confident that they are trying to get what they want by acting the way I could want them to.

But you know what? People are great! That is insane how many of them [oh well.. – of us] are ready to say kind words because they really see that, they really mean that, they want to make you feel better and they just want to see your smile. and you know what? That is insane how wonderful is smiling person! After all the countries, all the impressions, all the people, I can only say that smile is the best thing ever! and people do kind things, because they care! They are ready to help, ready to give an advice, place to stay, entertain you or just talk about life matters. why? Because they know – it is wonderful to spread the happiness! That is my most favorite conclusion of all <3

And that is one thing that I want to wish for every single person who was with me this year and all the rest of you – smile, be happy and make people around you happy and smiley as well! That will make the world spin faster (: Now I really know – peace and happiness are the things to strive for!

I have the very best friends and I met all the greatest people – thank you thank you thank you! Keep being so awesome! <3

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Poland, bombastic as hell

…i kept telling people – i came to poland just because… and then… well, you know, many reasons why ‘just because’. after all – like many of my fellow volunteers, somehow i got to poland by mistake. and kind of blindfolded as well. what turned out of this blindfolded journey? amazing 2 months that will be kept as great addition to my so far so wonderful year 2014.

as tribute to my wonderful friends and colleagues from poland that are missed very badly, i’ll collect here some of our quotes. be aware that most of them will be with no big sense, but i hope that at least for someone will bring up some great memory from time we spent together! just because of awareness – i’ve kept all of names for myself. if you’re recognizing yourself of someone else… – i have no idea what you’re talking about!

* 2 guys. ‘can i blow my noise in your shirt?’ – *expressive and fast ‘angry’ reaction follows* ‘i’ll blow you!!!!!!’
* i was making sandwiches, meanwhile kids are dying at presentation, but after all – it’s not africa around here, you know…
* ‘usually people start sentences with swearwords, you – with 2 minute laughter’ – ‘should i start using swearwords?’ – ‘that would be faster for sure…’
* instead of disco kids tonight will have fireworks with burning speakers
* if every day you are saying that it is your last day, one day you’ll be true!
* dangerous kurvas (spanish and polish included)
*’lets make b eerpong party tomorrow!’ – ‘we just need a lot of beer’ – ‘and a lot of pong’ #badjokewednesday
* ’my socks are smelling like socks and my scarf is smelling like socks as well…’
* drunk guy by the wall ‘i’m so hot, but the wall is so cold!’
* ’turkish people don’t understand english, so when someone is saying that we’re cleaning kitchen ourselves, they don’t understand it…’
* ’it’s so cold in latvia, so you just need to drink there’
* ’my home city is small. like half of latvia’
* ’why are they coming from klodzko here so often?’ – ‘because we have no people here?’ – ‘no, because they have no free food there…’
* ’i like to think about things. i think about them and that’s it’
* ’what’s wrong with them? why they have same shirt? are they twins?’ – ‘no. they’re just… teenagers’
* ’film a short movie’ – ‘our room is like horror movie…’
* ’how many kids we lost today?’ – ‘only one’ – ‘oh, that’s a good day then!’
* ’this could be the moment when i should stop talking…’ – ‘there always is this moment, but you always somehow pass it’
* ’there are only two places you can find cups – in the sink, dirty, or in the washing machine… although dirty’
* ’you know it’s bad when even latvians are joking about latvians’

and after all, one golden quote from beginning of our trip – just after we got out of 22 hour ride in buses and trains to poland

*’even after drinking we’re not so stinky…’



2014-10-28 12.09.36-1

2014-09-26 23.26.09



(Or you can call it celebration of my blogs 3rd birthday)

Once I had this wonderful tradition to post some quotes or highlights from my trips. I did it with our roadtrip to Slovakia, when I went to Denmark for the second time and the first one is captured somewhere as well.. and few more times that I’m too lazy to look for… anyhow – back on track. There have been some trips meanwhile I was quiet, but this is the one that i need to engrave here for sure (thanks for being worth it!). So Germany – Munich it was!


  • First of all, you can’t come to Germany if you don’t know that women and beer you push downstairs
  • We got stuck in traffic even on highroad. Those are some skills over here!
  • You can’t meet on the internet in Germany, because internet is so slow.
  • Ieva goes into huge pizzeria to find toilet. Comment – ‘if you find yourself in train station, you know, you missed the toilet’.
  • In Turkish streets even sprite is Turkish
  • If mountain will be crushing or air tram falling down, you won’t find time to be scared, so no worries!
  • 8 p.m.? Bars? Streets full of happy people walking home from work? Oh, wait, no, you already missed bedtime…
  • *cooking some pies* ‘How it should look like when it’s ready?’ – ‘Warm’
  • And then he wakes up at 5 a.m., asks what am i doing, puts up ‘are you gonna be my girl’ and walks around the room with satisfied smile on his face ‘oh, such a wonderful morning!’ (Is it? Really?)
  • Went abroad to find out that my paradise looks like big bookshelves and huge, puffy bed. No, actually Munich itself wasn’t so bad either : )

Round, round, round it goes… so see you next time, Germany! (If you’re up for bringing me to Berlin, I’m just here!)


legend… – wait for it –

bet visa iesākumā šis

jau kopš dienas, kad sākās sarakste ar nosaukumu, kuru es atkal neatceros, es solu, ka pienāks diena, kad tiks izdota grāmata. tomēr grāmatai tajā visā pārāk daudz cenzūras cienīgu materiālu… tomēr laiks joprojām iet un es joprojām saku, ka izdošu grāmatu. jau sen vien velns zina, par ko tā īsti būs. un jo dziļākā peklē ir noslēpts noslēpums – kad. bet tieši tāpēc ar kaut ko beidzot ir jāsāk. un, lai piedod man jaunkundze, kuras vārdu es varu arī mainīt, bet visi tāpat zinās, kas ir šo sarunu līdzdalībniece… varbūt grāmatas vietā izstādi uztaisīt?

1 2 4 5 image IMG_0606 IMG_1014 IMG_1185 IMG_1195 IMG_1198 khm




sex, drugs and rock’n’roll jeb īstās dānijas vētras notiek silo

es šo ierakstu būtu nosaukusi arī konkrētāk, bet nevēlējos izklausīties nepiedienīga. tomēr beigu galā stāsts ir par to, kā es braucu uz Dāniju, lai apciemotu Alisi. tas viss gan mainās brīdī, kad trīs traki sievišķi, kas reiz, sen senos laikos, atklāja ruma un (lēta) vīna šotu burvību (khm), izlēma atkal apvienoties un pamēģināt, kā ir kopā ballēties pēc tam, kad to ilgi nav sanācis izbaudīt… tā nu šis virsraksts no ‘Ieva Dānijā’ ir pārvērties par to, ko jūs redzat savu acu priekšā…

*‘tev putni galvā, bet ievai vispār albatrosi’ IMG_0205
*‘es vakar… ā, nē, jums neinteresēs, tas nav ēdiens’
*20 gadus par vēlu uzzinājām, ka dzīvē visam ir savas robežas
*‘ar šo man kādam laikam pietiks’ – ‘tu teici – mēs šovakar atkal piedzersimies?’
*‘jāsauc ēdienu sastāvdaļas. nu, nevis pica, bet makaroni’ – ‘eeeeem… makaronu sastāvdaļas?’
*‘tie ir dvīņi’ – ‘nē, tās ir sievietes’ – ‘sievietes nav dvīņi?’ – ‘nē, sievietes ir dvīnes !!!’
*‘tie pa labi bija labi. o, mans lifetime sentence!’
*‘es dānijā esmu tikai stundu, bet jau piedzērusies… braukšu vēl!’
*‘es vakar tik daudz alu dzēru’ – ‘es vakar tik daudz dzēru’ – ‘es vakar tik daudz…’
*‘eu, rekur izskatīgi čaļi… ā, nē, paga, viņam ir dzeltenas zeķes’
IMG_0317*pasaule būtu labāka vieta, ja dzīvē nevienam netrūktu seksa
*appīpējies cilvēks: ‘i’m so high that you can’t reach me’
*‘izrādās, ka arī krāsas orientāciju var mainīt ātri un nemanāmi…’ – ‘ātri varbūt, bet, ja tu to sauc par nemanāmi…’
*‘aizveries un eksistē klusām’
*‘gribēsiet – ēdīsiet šodien, negribēsiet – ēdīsiet rīt’
*‘kāds sakars seksam un kaviāram?’ – ‘seksu visur var atrast… ui, sakaru var visur atrast’

un beigu galā no Dānijas bija jānozūd. pēc pēdējām negulētajām naktīm un centieniem vismaz kaut kā aizvērt koferi, piedzīvojumi turpinās nu jau katrai savā valstī. kāda savas nākotnes vārdā nepieminēs šīs brīvdienas, cita sūtīs nēģerēnus uz āfriku, trešā cīnīsies ar kāzu noformējuma izvēli…

dzīve nebeidz sākties. un šoreiz tā visnotaļ tikai sākas.

īsumā par manu lidojumu uz dienvidiem >> ‘we are fully booked, so you may leave your baggage outside as well’. bet par to jau cits stāsts taps…

kā zivi pret zvīņām glaudīt jeb stāsts par to, kā latvju bāleliņi uz Dāniju brauca

*„what’s in there?” – „šnābs with vodka” – „what’s the difference?” – „one is šnābs, one – vodka”
*„i’m like radio because i’m still talking when no one is listening”
*„swedish krones change?”
*„Dānijā vilcieni ir tik neglīti kā tu”
*„nu, tās cūkas, kuras degustē… nē, eksperimentē” – „tu domā kāmīšus?”
*„tev viss kārtībā?” – „jā…” – „tad kāpēc tu tā izskaties?”
*„baigā onkulīte iekāpa”
*„arī tava seja ir netīrāka par poda vāku”
* *atveras alus* „galvenais ātri paņem mutē!”
*„ko jūs šodien darījāt?” – „gandrīz aizbraucām līdz mazajai nāriņai”
*„mums čipsi ir?” – „jā, kaut kur zem galda. paņem slotu un saslauki”
*„reku tehniskā skola” – „pēc ķiverēm spried?” – „nē, pēc tā, ka tur rakstīts, ka tā ir tehniskā skola”
*„tev tur, aiz krūštura, vēl kaut kas ir iekritis?” – „jā, šķēle” – „Andris?”
*„visi esam mākslinieki, tāpēc mums tā ir bohēma, nevis nodzeršanās”
*„viņiem ir maskas!” – „nē, viņi vienkārši ir melni”
* *Alise runā pa telefonu* “pasveicini viņu no manis…” – “tev sveicieni no visiem!”
* *Santa runā pa telefonu* “pasveicini viņu no manis…” – “tev sveicieni no visiem!”
*„beer is the answer, but i can’t remember the question”
*on horse un off horse
*„paldies tev, vējamāt!”
*„tāda riepa uzēsta, ka nevaru vairs paelpot”
*”viņam mugurā ir pieci džemperi” – “nē, divi krekli un trīs džemperi”
* *piebrauc divas ugunsdzēsēju mašīnas, Alise paskatās pa logu* „nekas, pie trešās sāksim uztraukties”
*„es gribu būt mednieks” – „ko tu medīsi?” – „medījumus”
*„kā zivi pret zvīņām glaudīt”
*„idritvai šaizīt”
*„tas bija zviedru joks…” – „tu gribi teikt, ka viņiem nav humora izjūtas?”
*„ātri tā lidmašīna izlidoja. tik ātri, ka pat aizmirsa koferus paņemt”

Placebo bija laba zālīte truša dvēselei. dāņu šnābs gan nebija. been there, done that! 


– cik viņam gadu? – viņam ir draudzene! #sweetmmrs @MuffinAlice @elizabetediana

pirms gada man divas vienreizējas draudzenes (aka Alise & Diāna) uzdāvināja dāvanu, kuru šorīt atkārtoti pārlasīju. pērles!

‘seksīgi ir tie čaļi, kuri prot ielikt divdabja teicienu komatos. tad nu iedzersim par viņiem!’

‘- beidz ēst! – nevaru, man celulīts jāpabaro’

‘- kur prāts bija banānus fkn somā bāzt? – somas apakšā… – nē, tur viņi paši ielīda’ (haha, kā reiz apsvēru domu uz festiem atkal banānus paņemt, līdz šo atcerējos…)

‘čau, man tev jāuzraksta kaut kāda huiņa. tad te nu būs – HUIŅA’

un tas episkais brīdis, kad telefonsarunas laikā Diāna pēkšņi kaut kur pazūd un fonā skan balss ‘paga, man telefons dekoltē iekrita…’


achtung achtung achtung

nav ne jausmas vai uzrakstīju pareizi, bet man vienkārši patīk visādus vārdus pēdējā laikā atkārtot trīsreiz. kā saka mans tētis – tikai tā cilvēku var pārliecināt

labi, cik var piegružot twitteri ar lietām, kas nevienam neinteresē, labāk piegružošu ne tikai to vienīgo

pirmkārt, tagad, kad ir palikušas četras nedēļas (jap, es atkal par to pašu, chiiiiiiiiill, šitajā vēl tikai četras (ČĒĒĒTRAS [nu tā, lai jums riktīgi paliek atmiņā]) nedēļas klausīsieties), es tā riktīgi pēkšņi apzinājos cik forši būs tikt prom no visa, kas bijis pēdējos 12 gadus. tā, vienkārši, vienā dienā. eh, kādas prieka dejas dejošu. vienkārši viss, basta, finito, endo. nezinu nevienu citu valodu un tās pēdējās arī droši vien nebija nekādas īstās… ://

labi, tālāk

izlasīju vienu awesome interviju. nē, es meloju. es to interviju vēl neesmu pat iesākusi lasīt, tā šobrīd ir iesprūdusi starp vēl piecdesmit atvērtām cilnēm (cik stulbs vārds), bet man ļoti patika tas citāts, kas bija zem titulbildes šai intervijai

Laikmetā, kad valda informācijas un mantu kults, jaunajā kapitālismā, kad vecās vērtības ir sagrautas un jaunās vēl nav radītas, mēs skaļi bļaustoties par jēdzieniem “brīvība” un “demokrātija, esam zaudējuši jelkādu sapratni par šo jēdzienu nozīmi, uzskata dzejnieks Edvīns Raups

(jā, twitterī tāda smagi saīsināta versija, sitiet mani maigi)

bet nu jā. atgriežoties pie… ā, nē, man vairs nav ko teikt

vienīgi, ka šī dziesma varētu skanēt pēdējā zvana laikā