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Hi! It’s me, ieva! I am young creative from Riga, Latvia. Occasionally living abroad and looking forward to do it more. Right now – working as PR manager and freelancing in Graphic design.

My way to this blog, as well as overall life as I know it now, was long, but very, very full of experiences and great times. After high-school I started to study music management, but got bored pretty soon and decided to live abroad. Months abroad brought me some understanding about what I would love to do with my life and just when I got back… I met my wonderful boyfriend. Basically everything after that led me to Graphic design, blogging and all the rest of things that I’m doing! :)

I started to write this blog some 4 years ago when it was all about my daily life. Later on I added some vlogs about my travels and continued to write down some things once in a while. But then I realized that this blog could be a great plaform for me to write about my designs, travels and other experiences.

So after all – here I am! Trying to work my way through with this blog and my designs. Feel free to surf through this page to find some various stories. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me anytime!

Lovely regards,


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