TO DO OR NOT TO DO || Travelling & Planning


There is this blog… that inspired me to start thinking…

Usually I am the one who just ‘goes for it’ without much planning. And here I am – for the very first time I am in one place, doing one thing AND reaching for ONE main goal.

Not a big secret anymore that me and my boyfriend somehow got very attached to the idea to leave our country. First thoughts were rising around half year ago when we already were abroad. Later on this idea lived through many different stages, different purposes and goals, but after all we’ve finally decided on one destination and one goal. But more about that – some other time.

This time about… planning!

Planning drives me insane, so I try to stay out of it for most of the time. But this time is different. I could say that at this point our life is planned through for the next few months (and was like this some last ones as well) – preparation months for leaving. All money issues, all ‘vacation’ plans, most of the jobs, very busy and very free days – everything!

Of course, there is always a chance for changes and we’re prepared for that. But in general – it’s all stated, it’s all clear. And the question arises – is it the best possible way to get out of your comfort zone? Fully prepared for everything. Or it’s better to just go? Fearless because of lack of thinking. 

First time when I ‘just went’ was hard for me in all the possible ways. Second and third as well. It didn’t work out fine, although I was so confident and fearless, naive. But maybe it just wasn’t my way to do it, although it seemed so right… Maybe I just needed to, so right now I can realize how to do it better…

Anyhow, right now I am seeing our future full of confidence about all the best because of this preparation. How it will go? That you’ll have chance to read in the next few months… :)


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