IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON! || Website launching

Hi, dear ones!

Things happened and now we can meet in my new website:

Will be more than happy to see you over there! :) Read on about my adventures with #MovingSouth and Graphic design and let me know what you think!

Kindest regards,


INSPIRE THE MAGIC TO HAPPEN || Inspiration & Quotes


Sunday inspiration is here! But before that, I have decided to introduce you with the books that are going through my must-read list.

As I mentioned in my first post of these quote series – I am reading some design and creativity related books and sharing my favorite quotes once in a while.

All of my must-reads you can find for free. And here are the books that I’ve already mentioned or that are meant to be mentioned [soon]:
The Freelancer Handbook – Time Management – The Year Without Pants – Marketing & Conversion – Breaking The Time Barrier – What Matters now – and some other that I’ll share eventually. But now – time for quotes! This time – more about creativity and management.

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TO DO OR NOT TO DO || Travelling & Planning


There is this blog… that inspired me to start thinking…

Usually I am the one who just ‘goes for it’ without much planning. And here I am – for the very first time I am in one place, doing one thing AND reaching for ONE main goal.

Not a big secret anymore that me and my boyfriend somehow got very attached to the idea to leave our country. First thoughts were rising around half year ago when we already were abroad. Later on this idea lived through many different stages, different purposes and goals, but after all we’ve finally decided on one destination and one goal. But more about that – some other time.

This time about… planning!

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