LETS BE FRIENDS! OK? || Design & Clients


I’m still just starting out, especially – working with clients – and I got in all this pretty blindfolded, just with the belief that I want to try, but… there are questions rising and they’re coming up fast!

I know that working with clients is harder than making banner for my own Facebook page or creating cool image for twitter… And I enjoy it! I really do and it was my main point why I decided to get into graphic design more seriously than trying out Photoshop for my own entertainment. I like to get clear brief and then do my best to try to look at my designs from a point of view that would be related to my clients. I like to challenge myself and learn with every new task. And the rest of all good things.


There is always this ‘but’, right? It’s just supposed to be there…

I’m confused about how much into details many clients can go. I love clear brief, great ideas and reasonable feedback (who doesn’t?!), but what it is about willingness to try everything and control it all? Way too often I start to feel like I should give my clients 100 starter examples for their brief. 10 with different opacities, 10 with other colors, 10 with the first shading and 10 different fonts, second with 10 different fonts with different shadings… Then once again with various strokes around… And we can, of course, make options with gradient, with noise, with… ok, lets be clear –  we can make options with everything! And they are neverending! That’s one thing I learned in math probability theory… But I am not willing to try out everything…

So how can I make these borders so the changes aren’t going on forever? Will it come with time – with my own basic knowledge – it has to be only in one of these three ways and the rest of 97 options are not negotiable? Or it all depends on client consciousness?

I will still count it as my own learning process – through thorns to the stars? Right? RIGHT?

Have a week of wonderful clients!


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