SUNDAY SNEAK PEEK|| Design & Process


Some time ago I made an offer – to make fee-free design elements for bloggers, so I can practice in this field. Headers, logo, buttons, photos, whatever was necessary. Jadirah with her blog Jasmine Catches Butterflies was one of the first ones who got interested and she agreed that I tell about our cooperation process in this post. Thank you, Jadirah! :)

Goal was to make header that reflects blog ideas. Since it’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, I tried to keep feminine, joyful and easy going sight. First ideas from Jadirah were to use elements like butterflies, perfume… she also liked idea about geometrical elements and simple colors – the ones that she already used in her blog – blue, pink and black.

So my first idea was just to use all of her mentioned elements and then figure it out.


Obviously this idea was way too… much of everything, while – lack of some actually interesting design. But it was a good start just to be clear about all the ideas – fonts, placements, photos, colors, everything.

So further the decision was made – no need for butterflies and the perfume bottle, lighter font needed. But I still stuck with the idea about butterflies and made this simple looking header:


But along the way I forgot about actual geometrical figures that was liked from this example. So my next step was to leave the idea about butterflies and all the other things that seemed way too obvious and try some new approach to this design – geometry!

This is what turned out from my latest idea:


We’re still working on this process and I’m thankful Jadirah for her patience, since I’m a bit stuck with this project. Will definitely give you a hint for her blog when finished!

Anyways, I can say that I am enjoying this process and I’m reaching my objectives along the way – to find new ways to see things, to try out new elements, new designs (for example, I am not a fan of pink, but in this case I actually started to enjoy this color pattern – black and pink).

I am still open to new projects (as soon as I will have a tiny bit more free time), so you can contact me if interested: laicaane @ or take a look look at some other projects in my Behance page.

I will definitely keep you more updated about my designing processes!

Have a great week!


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