THROUGH BOOK POINT OF VIEW || Inspiration & Quotes


Those quotes… it’s still a thing for me! See previous post: “Must… read… it… all…”

And absorb all the inspiration and knowledge from further ones as well!

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LETS BE FRIENDS! OK? || Design & Clients


I’m still just starting out, especially – working with clients – and I got in all this pretty blindfolded, just with the belief that I want to try, but… there are questions rising and they’re coming up fast!

I know that working with clients is harder than making banner for my own Facebook page or creating cool image for twitter… And I enjoy it! I really do and it was my main point why I decided to get into graphic design more seriously than trying out Photoshop for my own entertainment. I like to get clear brief and then do my best to try to look at my designs from a point of view that would be related to my clients. I like to challenge myself and learn with every new task. And the rest of all good things.


There is always this ‘but’, right? It’s just supposed to be there…

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Have you ever been struggling with fonts, especially when they are necessary for some more expressive design – poster that catches attention, greeting card that speaks for itself, billboard that can’t go unnoticed? Is the answer – always? I believe it is… at least for me. Ever since I started to explore design, Typography has been the greatest pleasure and the most annoying hours all in one.

So I’ve started something that (hopefully) will help myself and maybe some of my readers will find it useful as well.

Every now and then I’ll explore some new fonts (at this point – through, make a poster out of them that I can keep just right in front of me and whenever there will be decision to made – dilemma will be much more easy resolvable. Well… at least I have this hope!

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SUNDAY SNEAK PEEK|| Design & Process


Some time ago I made an offer – to make fee-free design elements for bloggers, so I can practice in this field. Headers, logo, buttons, photos, whatever was necessary. Jadirah with her blog Jasmine Catches Butterflies was one of the first ones who got interested and she agreed that I tell about our cooperation process in this post. Thank you, Jadirah! :)

Goal was to make header that reflects blog ideas. Since it’s beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog, I tried to keep feminine, joyful and easy going sight. First ideas from Jadirah were to use elements like butterflies, perfume… she also liked idea about geometrical elements and simple colors – the ones that she already used in her blog – blue, pink and black.

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