LOOK, THAT’S HOW NOTHING LOOKS LIKE || Minimalism & Inspiration


Some two weeks ago I started to seriously think about minimalism as an option to live the life. For me all the old stuff is important, since I just love to look at those things and have some great flashbacks. It’s always wonderful to keep in mind all the good things and I couldn’t just get rid of it … – I don’t want to! But minimalism is somehow interesting for me.

So – how I got to this point where I started to doubt necessity of most of my things?

Good old videos… TEDtalks, some blogs (for example, @TheMinimalists). People inspire me, their happiness about new habits, their willingness to change, to learn. It all amazes me, so it’s time to share some bit of it.

Here you go three of my so far favorite videos about minimalism:

TEDxTalk „The Less You Own, The More You Have”

My personal favorite one! Explains simplicity of idea – when you get rid of all the bad stuff, there is place for new. But this time you can choose new emotions and adventures, experiences, not new stuff.

TEDxTalk „A Rich Life With Less Stuff”

Guys behind @TheMinimalists talk about their experiences. This was the first video I saw about minimalism, so I can call it big influence maker as well. It’s adorable how people with all this money can still prioritize and know what’s important, not spend it in all directions and appreciate new experiences, not new stuff.

TEDxEutropolis “A Year Offline, What I’ve learned”

Just some old example of how it is possible to survive without our wide internet world. I’ve adored this story ever since!


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