There is this thing… I rebuilt my blog some time ago to link it with how I enter the  world of Graphic design (well, this sounds way too poetic…). To tell you about my struggles and challenges, about my ups and downs, boring and very much more boring (okay, no, I’m kidding, of course) skill testing through more and more Graphic design ‘gigs’.

And there I was – I woke up one morning with this strange urge – I’m doing something wrong… I’ve this ‘new’ blog for 2 weeks already and absolutely no posts about Graphic design or whatsoever.

So here I am, telling you all about my experience with something bit aside from usual Photoshop stuff (that I haven’t told you about yet…) – story about how I met Adobe Muse for the very first time!


It was fun. And it reminded me of the first time when I started to learn Photoshop, that wasn’t so long ago actually. Adobe Muse is more like Adobe InDesign (which I’ve only looked through) and is meant for web page designing. It allows you to upload your webpage right away. There are no codes, everything is really simple.

I looked through this video and got all my first skills and impressions from it. As usual, I started with following video step by step and around 10th minute I decided that it’s getting boring and slow enough, I need to boost things up. That’s where I started to improvise. And although it looks like Adobe Muse doesn’t have as many tools as Photoshop, it has hidden them pretty well, so for starters it’s hard to get along with all the new placements.

Will definitely continue to learn this program, since it’s something new, good change from daily looking at Photoshop which can get really exhausting at some points (well, at a lot of those points…).

And with this post I will kind of promise myself to post more posts related to my initial idea. Hopefully.

Have the very best weekend!


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