OVERWHELMING NOTE THING || Minimalism & Organizing


I have bad tendency to write down everything everywhere. Whatever pops into my mind – blog article, something I have to buy or some work thing, idea for design, idea for gift, for tomorrows clothing or literally ANYTHING else – I write it on whatever is in my way. It can be note on the screen, note in my phone, paper, old leaflet, e-mail schedule, task list, even new Chrome tab (and my boyfriend is always wondering – why I have so many of them open…). It’s just a matter of time (I have a short memory, you know…).

I’ve been struggling with this problem ever since. On the one hand – I love to see things in real life, write them down with pen and it is easier for me to remember and conceive if everything is on paper. On the other hand – everything is on paper! It is everywhere, in the same time – I have no idea where… So I’ve been thinking about using only my phone and computer (for example, phone notes and computer notes and Outlook calendar), but it turns out to be so.. computer-ish.. I am more like an oldschool person and don’t trust computers so much.

But very recently I realized that everything is too much. Too much notes, too much leaflets, even too much words on each of them. Too much plans and wishes, to-do’s and musts. So eventually I discovered minimalism. I’ll tell you later on how it will work out for me, but I believe that it will impact these writing-down habits as well.

After all I am still (and I believe – will forever be) stuck between those two options – to manage my life through ‘real life – oldschool’ way or keep it modern…

Struggling Ieva.


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