Around week ago I started to ‘paint’ (read as – imitate easiest painting videos), so here I’ll continue to share my first baby steps in this.

I am the worst at color mixing. I started to mix yellow and blue when realized that it wont make blue lighter, but will definitely make something green… That’s just to say how blindfolded I am in all of this. Secondly – I am rarely thinking before doing, so basically I always try and then start to draw conclusions about what happened.

This exact painting taught me a good lesson. When I managed to get rid of too much of black in my paint mix [by adding a lot more white and yellow, smart, right?], I started to realize that this will be one big failure… The day was pretty shitty so that was only predictable that my painting won’t get any better.

But you know what? After I left it for few minutes to dry, I saw that it has changed its color and it looks much like I needed it to look like. That was the moment when I started to think  – maybe sometimes I could just wait a bit more before my hot-headed thinking strikes right at worst.

After all – yes, this painting turned out pretty bad and I just enjoyed it as a relaxing time, to forget about the day. But it actually opened my eyes to this worldwide truth about having just a bit patience and the fact that things tend to solve themselves over a time.


Stay patient, stay peaceful!


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