MUST… READ… IT… ALL… || Inspiration & Quotes


I have this strange addiction – I adore books.

Like… I would read them 24/7, if I could, I would spend all my money only for books, I would buy books instead of food and more books instead of place to live. Basically – I would do everything just to have at least some books around me all the time.

I love to read in latvian and they definitely need to be paper books, but I’ve come to conclusion that it would be impossible to survive this way. There is this truly heartbreaking story about how I tried to survive without latvian books for altogether almost a year abroad, when I had no place to keep them and no place to buy them… But this one I’ll keep for some other time.

Only a process of holding a paper book will be the real reading for me, but recently I overcame myself and decided to start reading digital material that some people still tend to call a ‘book’. For the sake of design, I found some ‘must reads’ (free for starters). There are many resources to find such books, so I looked them through and saved the ones that could cross my point of interest and just changed from reading twitter to reading books.

The thing that I’m trying to say with all this is that I started to gather quotes from those books that I will eventually reveal to you. Lets just start here!

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LOOK, THAT’S HOW NOTHING LOOKS LIKE || Minimalism & Inspiration


Some two weeks ago I started to seriously think about minimalism as an option to live the life. For me all the old stuff is important, since I just love to look at those things and have some great flashbacks. It’s always wonderful to keep in mind all the good things and I couldn’t just get rid of it … – I don’t want to! But minimalism is somehow interesting for me.

So – how I got to this point where I started to doubt necessity of most of my things?

Good old videos… TEDtalks, some blogs (for example, @TheMinimalists). People inspire me, their happiness about new habits, their willingness to change, to learn. It all amazes me, so it’s time to share some bit of it.

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There is this thing… I rebuilt my blog some time ago to link it with how I enter the  world of Graphic design (well, this sounds way too poetic…). To tell you about my struggles and challenges, about my ups and downs, boring and very much more boring (okay, no, I’m kidding, of course) skill testing through more and more Graphic design ‘gigs’.

And there I was – I woke up one morning with this strange urge – I’m doing something wrong… I’ve this ‘new’ blog for 2 weeks already and absolutely no posts about Graphic design or whatsoever.

So here I am, telling you all about my experience with something bit aside from usual Photoshop stuff (that I haven’t told you about yet…) – story about how I met Adobe Muse for the very first time!

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OVERWHELMING NOTE THING || Minimalism & Organizing


I have bad tendency to write down everything everywhere. Whatever pops into my mind – blog article, something I have to buy or some work thing, idea for design, idea for gift, for tomorrows clothing or literally ANYTHING else – I write it on whatever is in my way. It can be note on the screen, note in my phone, paper, old leaflet, e-mail schedule, task list, even new Chrome tab (and my boyfriend is always wondering – why I have so many of them open…). It’s just a matter of time (I have a short memory, you know…).

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Around week ago I started to ‘paint’ (read as – imitate easiest painting videos), so here I’ll continue to share my first baby steps in this.

I am the worst at color mixing. I started to mix yellow and blue when realized that it wont make blue lighter, but will definitely make something green… That’s just to say how blindfolded I am in all of this. Secondly – I am rarely thinking before doing, so basically I always try and then start to draw conclusions about what happened.

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