NEW HOBBY – COMING UP! || Painting


I can proudly  call this the first time when I actually paint something.

Few weeks ago I made painted gift for my boyfriend, but it was more about trying to write with paint than actual painting, so this was a big deal for me.

Last time when I did such thing was back in secondary school. Or even primary? Could be. But since I’m working in art studio, I’ve been looking forward to ‘re-start’ this knowledge [although I never had one…]. I am the one who can definitely say that art is not really my thing, but I am wannabe good enough.

So I just went for it. Bought some canvas, color and brush, looked up for some video and let it happen :)

I used this video and here is how it went for me:


1. Found out that my orange color looks a lot like red one [the part where I started to think about improvisation…]
2. Finally I found a way to use the ash tray that one of my friends borrowed from a bar good time ago… still the sun didn’t turn out the way it should…
3. Funny,but black was the hardest part so far. I was so obsessed with making a good relief that made a pretty much the worst one… after all – it all together started to look much like some kind of flag [which one?].
4. Unfortunately it was a mistake to call anything before an elephant the heardest part. Elephant definitely was it. I am not a drawer. I don’t know shapes. Although – I looooove elephants. It didn’t help in this situation, haha. Still I worked my way through by finding some silhouette in google and using that as an example with one eye on the video…

And after all THIS is what happened


I liked the process a lot! It took me around 40 minutes (with few drying pauses). And I definitely will get back to this action. The painting might not get the prize of the years best artpiece, but I think I can deal with that :)

One main conclusion – it was great way to boost my creativity and inspiration!

Best wishes,


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