For 4 years I’ve been writing this blog all for my own entertainment, as diary about my adventures, as notebook about things I want to remember and share with my closest ones [aka the ones who are following my Facebook feed…].

Now it’s time for some changes and since today, 22nd of February, 2015, I have decided to move on and spread the world with more than my same old stories.

Very recently I decided to compete with me, myself and I, and start to learn new things. For now, the main one of them would be Graphic Design. I’ve started with Photoshop basics and it’s been going on pretty well and insanely interesting for myself. I am willing to share my ideas, impressions, struggles and goals! :) As well as look for new challanges, try new first steps in the world of unknown, which for me would be all the creative stuff that’s related to computer [part where 2011th Me is devastated about how deeply lost  in technology world I am…], but not only.

Once in a while my very interesting lifetime adventures will appear over here as well [note for the ones who already started to drown in sadness].

And maybe one day I’ll make onions cry with the very great things I have done.

With best wishes


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