NEW HOBBY – COMING UP! || Painting


I can proudly  call this the first time when I actually paint something.

Few weeks ago I made painted gift for my boyfriend, but it was more about trying to write with paint than actual painting, so this was a big deal for me.

Last time when I did such thing was back in secondary school. Or even primary? Could be. But since I’m working in art studio, I’ve been looking forward to ‘re-start’ this knowledge [although I never had one…]. I am the one who can definitely say that art is not really my thing, but I am wannabe good enough.

So I just went for it. Bought some canvas, color and brush, looked up for some video and let it happen :)

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As I mentioned one post before – all I do and ever wanna do is challange myself, learn and have fun. Recently I’m stuck with no inspiration for my own projects, so I am looking forward to help you!

I am looking forward for a chance to improve myself in fields I’m striving to explore (well, basically, Graphic Design it is). If you are in need of any fresh design elements for your blog / vlog / twitter / facebook or whatsoever, contact me and we can talk about this!

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For 4 years I’ve been writing this blog all for my own entertainment, as diary about my adventures, as notebook about things I want to remember and share with my closest ones [aka the ones who are following my Facebook feed…].

Now it’s time for some changes and since today, 22nd of February, 2015, I have decided to move on and spread the world with more than my same old stories.

Very recently I decided to compete with me, myself and I, and start to learn new things. For now, the main one of them would be Graphic Design. I’ve started with Photoshop basics and it’s been going on pretty well and insanely interesting for myself. I am willing to share my ideas, impressions, struggles and goals! :) As well as look for new challanges, try new first steps in the world of unknown, which for me would be all the creative stuff that’s related to computer [part where 2011th Me is devastated about how deeply lost  in technology world I am…], but not only.

Once in a while my very interesting lifetime adventures will appear over here as well [note for the ones who already started to drown in sadness].

And maybe one day I’ll make onions cry with the very great things I have done.

With best wishes

the passion is dead, punks are not

basically – this is the post where i’m really pissed off.

when did we stop doing things for ourselves? being just as we are and caring just for the happiness?

oh, i miss those times so very, very badly! and i don’t blame age. i blame century.

i always wonder – how anyones instagram, twitter or facebook would look like if there would be no one to impress? recently i read one great quote – all our information on timelines for others appear just for few seconds, sometimes not even a blink of an eye. still – we’re struggling so hard to show the best of us, leave the greatest impression and get best reviews. can’t really decide – which is sadder – the fact that we’re trying to impress unknown people or the fact that we feel urge to impress our friends? 

lets just bring one pure smile for no one else, but ourselves

for those bicycle rides around the yard with just two random friends when no one on facebook could liked your fail in the race (sad for the winner, tho), for analog photos that only you and your best friends saw, for videos that were watched by gathering family around, cakes that were baked for eating (not teasing others on instagram). for those nights when talks mattered and stars weren’t outshined by screens. oh, i miss those times ..

right about now i’m feeling like all those good times are just blurry stories, blast from the past that are now going to be told to our grandchildren as mythical stories about some people and some times in never, ever land… at least somehow we all will be legends!