Happy goes lucky – story how I spited my silly karma and got lucky. Special thanks to Karīna, Lilla, Elif, Michele and Matteo in making this story possible (otherway I could be sleeping in tents by Termini right now…)

It was two weeks ago when I decided that I can’t stay in one place. Not so sure who I can consider as guilty one in this part, but it just was like that… two days later – on my way. And that’s where the story of my luck begins.

image (28) - CopyAt first I spent 3 wonderful nights at Karīnas, Lillas, Elifs and other girl place in Naples center. Despite the fact that their apartment is in 7th floor and my bag is pretty heavier than me (i like to think like that, haha), it really was a lot of fun and definitely there i spent my best time in Naples ever! All the nights out and nice stories in the morning… – I missed it a lot! Despite the fact that I still have blue stomach and leg because of running into a sign… (at least my forehead survived). Although still the worst problem is trying to remember, how the ‘sign’ is called…

While I was there I enjoyed one more thing pretty badly – their beautiful roof terrace. Keep this is mind, because there will be continue of this part of the story…

Later my silly karma (I don’t want to say that it’s bad, it’s just really silly. My karma is like little silly monkey – always somewhere here. Sometimes make me laugh, other times – gets me pretty pissed off…) So, my silly karma wanted to show me the best of Rome and made train strike. In my italian phrase book (that I bought only few days ago, although i’m in Italy almost two months) one of the ‘must know’ phrases is ‘I’ll be late, because there is a train strike’. Well, good to know how to say it! There were a lot of adventures while this happened, but even then i got lucky – met some new friend from America. Since we had some [a lot] time to wait for the next train, i heard some great stories and after all felt happy and lucky again.

image (13) - CopyWhen I arrived in Rome it was raining and I got lost (oh, what a surprise!), but after all I met my first welcoming host – Michele! since then I can’t stop thinking – how life always lets us meet the right people. I had this luck to meet him, share some amazing stories, experience life in roman loft (that was gorgeous), taste some spiiiiiiiiicy food that my mouth will definitely never forget (since I’m still spitting some flames) and after all – gain some good friendship with amazing human being! :)

Long story short – I went to Rome to look for a job and in case of getting lucky while living at micheles – look for a place to stay for longer time.

But life changes everything and not the job, but the place where to live next came first and I got opportunity to rent a gorgeous room in one of my favourite roman districts where are a lot of amazing bars, artistic atmosphere that’s crowded with students and just nice people around. What’s best – I have gorgeous roof terrace right by my place! Here we can back up a little – while I was in my last surfing place in Naples I continued to say ‘you are so lucky with such a great roof terrace and such wonderful roof view!’. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I have view to the roofs and hills as an extra…

And just one more problem in my way to living like in a bath of warm milk (no idea why it sounds so wrong in english)… – two days without a place to live. That was the next great ‘always meet the right people in the right time’ when I talked with matteo and got chance to live with him till I get my room. Heard some experience about italian theatres and remembered my lifelong theatre directing dreams :)

image (27) - Copy

So after all I can say that by all those adventures without any direct path that I should be going I have gained amazing experience and after all – I have renewed my trust in great people! Everyone is open for some help, even the smallest one, a lot of smiling faces, a lot of good words for me after hearing my story. And it all helps so badly! I am really truly happy that I have met each one of those amazing persons and I wish everyone such great luck that I got myself!

There are people who say that you always need at least some backup plan, some backup finance, anything… I have great friends and I keep gaining new ones in the most incredible ways and that is what brought me here where I am today. And I keep considering them as my best backup plan.

And one other interesting thing – although I may not know how I will pay the rent, how long I will be here, who I will meet next or anything and actually I have much more things to worry about – I have never felt so careless and happy as I do now!

Ciao, ragazzi!